Director - Steve McQueen

Genre - Drama

Michael Fassbender plays an advertising executive with big commitment issues. He is also addicted to pornography and sex, his overpowering need to hump everything in his way hindering his ability to have a serious relationship. There are also indications that he actually lusts after his own sister (Carey Mulligan), which further showcases what a fucked up individual this guy is. All through the movie, we're wondering why we should even care about a chiseled, well paid pervert. We really shouldn't, but Fassbender is such a fine actor of his generation that he made it alright. He made it hard for us to hate him and go, "Come off it now, you look good enough to eat, shagging loads of hot women...and you're depressed?". Ultimately, 'Shame' is about how these blessed people can actually screw up so much, just like the rest of us. Look at how Charlie Sheen had been behaving lately and you'll know what we mean. You won't find the conventional hero who discovers redemption in this film. What you get is the ugliness of a person, warts and all, displayed in all its human fallacy. The fact that he looks good enough to eat doesn't matter. When the soul is rotten, it eats away at everything you've got.


All about Shame


Movie Junkie said…
Good point.

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jtwoody1 said…
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Theresa said…
Straight to the point. I think this is probably why I actually bothered to finish the film when it was actually all about a perverted man.
Theresa - Thanks for the comment.

Movie Junkie - Love the layout of your blog and your review of 'Shame' is very perceptive too...will definitely check out more of your blog whenever we find the time.
Terrell said…
Great review and very insightful. Personally, Shame blew me away with it's profound intensity and visceral sincerity.

I'd love it if you checked out my review of the film here. Let me know what you think!
This obviously made more of an impression on you than it did us. We believe you genuinely love this movie and it comes through in your writing. Would love to read reviews of movies that you hate! ;)