My Name Is Fame

Director - Lawrence Lau

Genre - Comedy/Drama

Lau Ching Wan plays a washed up actor in this rare gem from Hong Kong's Lawrence Lau. Bad tempered and opinionated, his character rubs up everyone in the industry the wrong way, resulting in him not being called up for work. He is almost at the point of calling it quits when a young ingenue from the Mainland sees his skills in acting and wants him to teach her the traits. Reluctant at first, he slowly falls for her. Does he become a better man and a better actor? Is Wong Jing bad director? You know the answer. The pleasure in watching this is Lau Ching Wan's acting as a self obsessed arrogant know-it-all actor who believes in his craft no matter what. He is an actor who rises above shitty material and refuses to compromise. We appreciate such an actor and we feel his pain in the dog eat dog world of HK filmmaking where beauty and youth sells.The other plus here is the inside jokes about the industry, the wheeling and dealing of how it actually works. A couple of stars appear too like Ekin Cheng, Lai Yiu Cheung and Ann Hui to name a few. Good HK movies are as hard to find as a decent Jason Statham movie nowadays. Make sure you find the time to discover this.


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