21 Jump Street

Director - Phil Lord & Chris Miller

Genre - Action/Comedy/Crime

Took us by complete and utter dismay this. We thought it would fall flat on its knees but it did not and we're glad we caught it. Most recent remakes of 80s movies are ugly roadkills so you can't actually blame us for thinking so, alright? Remember 'The A Team'? Anyway, the laughs here come hard and fast which is just the way we like our comedy. And our women. Hah. Just a little joke there. Awkward? Okay we'll move right along. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill play two police officers who fumble more than they rumble. They are taken off the streets and sent to a high school where they are tasked with infiltrating a drug dealing gang. The humor when these two become students are priceless, with plenty of laugh-out-loud hijinks and slapstick. It helps that the two leads are charming too. The story has very little to do with the 80s TV series and the leads are never as cool here as Johnny Depp was when he did the series. In fact, Tatum and Hill are downright silly which we think probably helped the movie considerably because it is hard to top Depp's coolness in the series (back then he was the bomb. Well at least he wasn't wearing pink like Don Johnson in 'Miami Vice'!). Enjoy.

3.5 STARS!

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Anonymous said…
We were exactly the same. We expected this movie to be an epic disappointment. But it wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be.
Nice review

Glad we're on the same page! Long live 21 Jump Street. It was fun watching one of our favorite TV shows make it to the big screen, even though it had an entirely different cast.