Nightmare Detective

Director - Shin'ya Tsukamoto

Genre - Fantasy/Horror/Thriller

Eat your shorts 'Death Note'! This picture here trumps the 'Death Note' by a mile. Where 'Death Note' was an exercise in being unnecessarily convoluted and dreary, this manga adapted creation by Shin'ya Tsukamoto shows its class by being one hell of a satisfying detective story. Its uniqueness lies in the protagonist's character who we believe is the most reluctant, unwilling anti hero in the history of cinema. One look at him and you wouldn't think this is the guy who would save the world. In fact, you wouldn't even think he'd be capable of much of anything because all he wants to do throughout the film is to kill himself! Yet, he is blessed (or cursed as he says) with the power to enter other's nightmares. The story involves a spate of suicides which doesn't seem to be as clear cut as it appears. The nightmare detective is roped in to help figure out what actually happened, putting his own life in danger. There are elements of artistic streak here which jump out at you like a shocking nightmare, making you aware without a doubt that this isn't your usual detective picture. Tsukamoto has taken the genre and made a sort of hybrid monster out of putting his artistic, indie filmmaking slant into the mix. Like his 'Tetsuo, The Iron Man', this is highly one of a kind. Can't wait to watch part 2.

4.5 STARS!

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Ben said…
One of the best directors in Japan. Maybe ever. So complex and idiosyncratic. There's no one like him in the game.
That's very true. His style is really specific.The whole movie surprised us because he didn't take the normal route which is familiar to these kind of movies. 'Death Note' for example failed to arouse us much because it still followed a certain formula.