Tai Chi Zero

Director - Stephen Fung

Genre - Action/Drama

Bad Hong Kong movies on a shoestring budget is at least forgivable in part because of its financial constraints. Not a good reason on the whole for we have seen perfectly fine films produced with very little. Now here comes this big, move out of the way action blockbuster with budget bursting out of the seams (apparently this is only the 1st part of a trilogy). Fell flat on its huge-headed piped up dreams as far as we're concerned! Stephen Fung's the director in question and we are swearing off him as we speak. The script has it that a young man with a horn-like growth on his head turns into a mean fighting machine when said growth is pressed----Editors note: Our reviewers have left this review incomplete. Efforts to change their minds had been futile, with them yelling something about dumb arcade style direction and calling for Stephen Fung's exile from filmmaking. Well, at least Stephen was professional. He COMPLETED his bad film!


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