A Simple Life

Director - Ann Hui

Genre - Drama

Ann Hui's film is quite classy and masterful. It feels like a waft of soothing breeze, a warm embrace of motherly love and a renewed appreciation for life all rolled into one. If that isn't a stroke of classy filmmaking, what is? Another great feature of this picture is the effortless, obvious chemistry between Deannie Yip and Andy Lau. Their closeness in real life is well known with Yip being a godmother of sorts to Lau. This close relationship they share translates very well on the screen and we believe their loves for each other. Yip plays a maid (Tao Jie) to Roger (Lau) who is now old and unable to provide her loyal service to the family. She checks herself into an old folks' home but Roger is still very worried for her, visiting and accompanying her whenever he gets the chance. Tao Jie's stay in the senior's home is not all that rosy and she is taken advantage of sometimes because of her good nature, but she carries on and Roger's visits give her the strength to live. Ann Hui's direction gives so much without showing everything, her restraint in not painting Tao Jie's character as pitiful lets Tao Jie appear gracefully strong-willed, a woman who dedicated her whole life to a family that is not her own yet never had any regrets. From her we learn the true meaning of sacrifice, as we believed Roger understood in the end as well. That is the real meaning of the movie. Sacrifice. We take back what we said in the beginning. Ann Hui's latest isn't just quite masterful, it is an elegant depiction of life on earth as seen through the eyes of someone who treasured life no matter what came her way.


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