Besieged City

Director - Lawrence Lau

Genre - Drama

Hong Kong movies don't often surprise us. There are numerous times when we are burnt by scripts with no soul starring the most talented actors. 'Besieged City' is directed by Lawrence Lau who also did 'My Name Is Fame' which we rather liked as well starring Lau Ching Wan. This movie here had no stars yet it made a huge impact on us. The story is basically about a kid who got into trouble and drags his older brother into the mess. Suspected of killing the girlfriend of a triad leader he himself is injured badly, ending up in the hospital. His older brother is being sought by the triad in order to retrieve some drugs they claimed was taken from them by his sibling. Intrigue ensues when we try to figure out what actually happened along with the protagonists of the movie. The cast is mostly young unknown actors which is quite refreshing since we grew up with the mugs of every popular Hong Kong actor who ever lived etched into our skulls. The language used here is also vulgar and 'street', enhancing the experience for us because HK scripts can be very safe and predictable. Artsy and without the safe protective banality of the country's commercial aspirations, this movie will help you reconsider what Cantonese cinema means.

4.5 STARS!

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Never heard of this film, but after your review I'm going to try get a copy!