The Cloud-Capped Star

Director - Ritwik Ghatak

Genre - Drama/Musical

Directed by Ritwik Ghatak, who was previously unknown to us, this picture is extraordinarily without blemish. From the occasionally unusual but captivating soundtrack, its cinematography which can only be described as pure class and the arrestingly magnetic performances of its cast, this film is a gift to fans of cinema everywhere. The story isn't multitiered with plots aplenty, but the simple script hides a message-driven lesson which is heavier than how it appears. Nita is a woman who fends for her family even though she risks losing herself in the process. Embodying India's long suffering daughters who often don't get any say in society, Nita was Ghatak's tool in bringing out to the open one of India's social ills.Highly memorable and we recommend immediate search and view.

5 STARS!   


Shubhajit said…
A masterpiece indeed, and Ritwik Ghatak's greatest work in my opinion. That said, the other 2 films of his thematically linked 'Partition Trilogy' that this belonged to, viz. Subarnarekha (The Golden Thread) & Komal Gandhar (A Soft Note on A Sharp Scale) were masterpieces as well. The memories of the partition of Bengal, & the ensuing exodus it created, during India's independence, was the thematic linkage for the film, and a key thematic element for most of Ghatak's films.
We have not had the pleasure of watching the other two movies you've mentioned. Thanks for the information though. We are always on the lookout for classic movies from India. Ghatak was really phenomenal in his use of soundtrack. The music in Cloud-capped really stood out. After watching this, we spent many wonderful moments listening to similar types of music. ;)