Grizzly Man

Director - Werner Herzog

Genre - Documentary/Biography

Days after we saw this, we were still intensely affected by its imagery. In fact, up to this minute and perhaps forever more, we will have to live with this horrifying, real story narrated and made by eccentric German director Werner Herzog. If you choose to watch this, bear (no pun intended) in mind that it contains animal lover Timothy Treadwell's journal-like, visual documentation of his days living with a colony of bears, sans protective weapons of any kind. We leave it to you in guessing the outcome.


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Cinexcellence said…
It's a good documentary. Herzog is the man.
Wow, thats one hell of an interesting concept.
Ed Howard said…
This is a great film. Herzog found in Treadwell perhaps the ultimate expression of his eternal "man vs. nature" trope. And it's typical of Herzog that there can really be only one victor in that particular battle.

What's amazing is that Herzog's documentary output has managed to surpass even his fantastic run of fiction features from the 70s and early 80s. He's made so many amazing documentaries.
Thomas Moronic said…
I need to watch this. I got it as a Christmas present but whatever reason haven't got round to it yet ... I'll put a change to that asap. Herzog is great. I recently watched My Best Fiend - such a fantastic documentary.
Thanks for the comments guys.

Ed - We're delighted to hear from a fellow Herzog fan. To us, he is a fearless director searching for the ultimate truth in life and existence through his films.
I've been excited to see his new documentary "Encounters at the End of the World". I'm a little concerned about his remake of "Bad Lieutenant" though... does that film really need a remake?
Frankly, we thought 'Bad Lieutenant' on the whole wasn't such a great movie to begin with. But if Herzog feels it warrants a second look and he wants to take a crack at it, we're sure he's going to add his own signature style to it.